Ethnic Power Relations (EPR)

My work draws heavily on the Ethnic Power Relations (EPR) dataset, which I have managed over the past nine years. The EPR dataset provides annual data on politically relevant ethnic groups, their relative sizes as a share of the total population, and their access to state power in all countries of the world with a population, in 1990, of at least 500,000, and where ethnicity has been politicized.

You can access the most current EPR 2018 data here or through ETH’s GROWup web portal.

When using the updated EPR 2018 dataset, please cite the following publication:

Vogt, Manuel, Nils-Christian Bormann, Seraina Rüegger, Lars-Erik Cederman, Philipp Hunziker, and Luc Girardin. 2015. "Integrating Data on Ethnicity, Geography, and Conflict: The Ethnic Power Relations Data Set Family." Journal of Conflict Resolution 59(7):1327-1342. (Link to article)


When referring to the original EPR version 1.1., please cite:

Cederman, Lars-Erik, Andreas Wimmer, and Brian Min. 2010. "Why Do Ethnic Groups Rebel? New Data and Analysis." World Politics 62(1):87-119.

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